Let us be your guide to Accreditation and More!

Does your organization have the right resources, expertise, and tools to take on the rigorous URAC or NCQA accreditation process?

Established in 2012 by CEO Jennifer Wester, Arete Healthcare Solutions promotes excellence in healthcare services through one-on-one consultation to healthcare organizations.

Our consultants are all Registered Nurses and all have had first-hand experience working for URAC as Accreditation Reviewers. We have the experience, knowledge and the tools to put you at ease and take the stress out of accreditation.   

With a 100% accreditation success rate and over 25 years in the healthcare industry, Arete Healthcare Solutions is an independent consulting firm proven to help companies gain accreditation and improve operations. 

We can save you save time and resources on accreditation! 

Pop quiz: How much warning could you get before URAC performs an Onsite Review? Click here to find out.

Most organizations are surprised at the answer. Are you prepared?

Not only will we guide you through the accreditation process, but in doing so we will help you to create an exceptional infrastructure. The URAC accreditation assures that the CVO meets the strict quality credentialing standards assuring health plans that the credentialing process is in compliance. 

​​​​Our consultants have proven experience working with the following organizations:


  • Colorado Choice Health Plans
  • ​Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Teladoc (Telehealth)
  • Considine & Associates (IRO)
  • Aperture (IRO)​
  • Peer Review Solutions (IRO)
  • ​United Behavioral Health (CVO)
  • ​Type your paragraph here.


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We work with your organization to not just meet the standards, but make sure they work for you. With standard document templates, gap analysis and a proven track record, we'll get you ready for URAC or NCQA.

Here are just a few of the types of organizations we have helped:


Arete Healthcare Solutions

We're the first independent consultant to work with a telehealth organization on URAC's accreditation standards. Protect your organization, your providers, and your patients while providing accessible care across multiple states. 

Our consultants have helped many Internal/External Independent Review Organizations attain initial and re-accreditation. We guide IROs thorough the accreditation preparation process and standardize their entire operations to provide review for consumers and payer organizations. 

Our strategies not only meet URAC standards, but work within the framework of your organization. From program analysis to planning and implementation, we've got you every step of the way. Read more about our services.

Accreditation demonstrates an organization's clear commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Health Plan Accreditation is a nationally-recognized symbol of excellence, respected throughout the healthcare industry.

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Health Call Center Accreditation is a valuable asset in the delivery of healthcare services. We will guide you and assure your organization has the requisite policies/procedures and infrastructure in place in time for accreditation and that you are prepared to maintain ongoing compliance. 

​In an effort to prevent fraud and boost efficiency in workers' compensation utilization programs, recent state regulations have required URAC accreditation, including a new deadline of July 2018 in California. We can guide you to meet that deadline.

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