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​          URAC accreditation guidance

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Let us be your guide to Accreditation and More!

Does your organization have the right resources, expertise, and tools to take on the rigorous URAC accreditation process?

Established in 2012 by CEO Jennifer Wester, Arete Healthcare Solutions promotes excellence in healthcare services through one-on-one consultation to healthcare organizations.

Jennifer Wester has the experience you are looking for. She and her consultants have worked for URAC as a URAC Reviewers and clearly understand what it takes to attain URAC accreditation!  With our experience and knowledge, we have guided many organizations through the accreditation process.


By utilizing a methodology and time-tested process.

With a 100% accreditation success rateand over 30 years in the healthcare industry, Arete Healthcare Solutions is an independent consulting firm proven to help companies gain accreditation and improve operations. 

Pop quiz: How much warning could you get before URAC performs an Onsite Review? Click here to find out.

Most organizations are surprised at the answer. Are you prepared?


​​Cognizant Technology Solutions (HUM/WCUM)   

Granted Full URAC Re-Accreditation-

Colorado Choice Health Plan 

Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM)
Granted Full URAC Accreditation-

Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation (IRO)
Granted URAC Accreditation

Considine & Associates (IRO)
Granted Full URAC Re-Accreditation-
Aperture Credentialing (CVO)
Granted Full URAC Accreditation-
Peer Review Solutions (IRO)

Granted Full URAC Accreditation-
United Behavioral Health (CVO)
Conducted credentialing file audits to 

​ensure compliance with URAC and NCQA Standards. 



Our strategies not only meet URAC standards, but work within the framework of your organization. From program analysis to planning and implementation, we've got you every step of the way. Read more about our services.

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Credentialing Verification Organization

Jennifer Wester has the experience you are looking for. She and her consultants have worked for URAC as "URAC Reviewer's" and clearly understand how to provide URAC Accreditation Guidance- 100% URAC Accreditation Success Rate!

Read more about our services. URAC Accreditation Guidance- 100% URAC Accreditation Success Rate!

We work with your organization to not just meet the standards, but make sure they work for you. Once the Gap Analysis has been conducted, Arete will provide your team with, URAC Compliant Policies and Procedure Templates, Supporting Documents, Project Work Plan, Compliance Work Plans, Quality Management Committee Standing Agendas and Reporting Templates and with our a Proven Track Record, we'll ensure you are prepared for URAC.

URAC Accreditation Success Rate!

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