What's the #1 barrier keeping your organization from reaching accreditation?Find out here. 

URAC could give you as little as 14 day noticeto conduct a 'Compliance Visit' in-betwee accreditation cycles to assess Ongoing Compliance.


If this takes you by surprise, don't worry.

Contact us and we can help you identify any potential gaps, correct your concerns, and get you back on track.


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We Specialize in the following Accreditations/Certifications

  • Health Content Provider Accreditation
  • ​Health Website Accreditation
  • Utilization Management Accreditation
  • Worker's Compensation Utilization Management Accreditation
  • Internal Review Organizations (IROs)​ - Internal and External Review Accreditation (including start up organizations)
  • Case Management Accreditation with Measures
  • ​Health Plan Accreditation
  • Health Plan Programs/Health Insurance Market Place
  • ​Credentials Verification Organization (URAC Accreditation/Certification)

Let us be your guide.   consulting firms urac accreditation

You could go through URAC’s rigorous accreditation process alone. But why would you want to? With 100% accreditation success rate--yes, we've helped every one of our clients get accredited--our experts guide you every step of the way to excellence.   
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is URAC?

URAC is one of the fastest-growing healthcare accreditation nonprofit organizations in the world. Its purpose is to improve health outcomes for patients. Though it’s a meticulous and sometimes demanding quality check, it remains flexible; how your organization meets its standards can continue to evolve as you grow and change as a business. 
Is URAC right for you?

 Why are we experts? We have hands-on experience working as URAC Reviewers, so we understand the process from both sides! With our knowledge and experience your organization will have the tools necessary to be successful and get it right the first time.

Arete Healthcare Solutions

​          URAC accreditation guidance

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