We offer onsite training, webx training, and, coming soon, podcasts for easy information access:

  • URAC Training 
  • What does your staff need to know?
  • How does Accreditation impact operations?
  • Confidentiality of PHI Training
  • Conflict of Interest Training
  • Crisis Call Handling Training 
  • Interview Coaching
  • Specialized Training- You decide!

DTR Preparation

​HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

Gap Analysis/File Audits

Between federal law, individual state laws, and upcoming legislation, it's hard keeping track of everything. We can help you maintain up-to-date law tracking and guide your organization on how to maintain ongoing compliance between accreditation cycles.

Missing a policy? We are experts in policy development and revising existing policies to meet CORE - and Module-specifics requirements. We have years of experience and a trained eye for details. We know what including the URAC Reviewers will be looking for. We’ll work with you to learn more about your organization and help you develop policies that will not only meet URAC’s standards but work within the unique structure of your organization.

At Arete, we DO NOT charge extra for Policy Templates. When you contract with us, all templates are included!  No hidden fees--period.   


Quality Management Guidance

À La Carte: Business Solutions that Work

We have experience in every step of healthcare management, and can work with you to find the best solution for any challenge your organization is facing.

Let us help you with the following essentials: Maybe you just need a gap analysis or a mock onsite? Or you would like to ensure your case files, HR files, contracts and more will meet the Reviewer's expectations? We have the assessment tools and will give you the necessary feedback to get you on track. Why worry, when we can take the guess work out of the equation!

Do you have questions about how to meet the intent of the standards? We can help! Our consultants will give you the information necessary to be successful.

With experience in healthcare management, Arete works with your deadlines to create goals for your project or accreditation date according to your organization's needs.

Arete Healthcare Solutions

​          URAC accreditation guidance

Is your organization keeping personally-identifiable health information locked down and only accessible to approved individuals? We can help you with industry standards that ensure compliance with HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

Once we've identified where there might be areas for improvement in your organization's policies, procedures, and operations, we can help you develop a Corrective Action Plan and strategies for implementation.

Personalized Project Work Plan  

​ We're here to answer your questions. 

All consultations are 100% Confidential​! 

And free!


Corrective Action Planning and Implementation

Is your staff ready to pass the URAC validation review with flying colors? It isn’t just about answering what URAC’s Reviewers want to hear, but demonstrating that your organization is actually doing what your policies and procedures say you are doing.  We can meet with you onsite and conduct a review just as URAC will, and we go one step further. We will coach your staff to understand what the URAC Reviewers are looking for, how to answer questions and how to prepare your documents and files for the onsite.

URAC accreditation is a rigorous process, and Arete Healthcare Solutions is here to catch any requirements that could slip through the cracks. We work with your staff to determine where your documentation and processes may fall short of the standards. 

URAC compliant policies and procedures

URAC Accreditation 

100% URAC Accreditation Success Rate!

Affordable consulting rates 

Affordable urac consulting

Validation Review Preparation:

Mock Onsite & Interview Coaching

All documents must contain the requisite information to meet the intent of the URAC standards and cited with the relevant URAC Standard. We will ensure the documents meet the intent of the standards and are prepped and ready to load.


Need guidance with department operations? We can help you with committee meetings and agendas, developing a work plan and reporting metrics, and QIPs.

Policy and Procedure Development

Don’t take our word for it.

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